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P.G.Wodehouse Sir Pelham Grenville


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I want to buy, trade or to take as a gift these PGWs books for my collection:

P.G.Wodehouse and his wife Ethel. Rare photo. Old portrait of P.G.Wodehouse

  Biography of PG Wodehouse
Article #1 from Encyclopedia Britanica
Article #2 from Soviet Encyclopedic Dictionary
Article #3 from
Article #4 from Penguin
Article #5 from Encarta
Article #6 The Cyril and Methodius
Article #7 from The Columbia Encyclopedia
Article #8 from Benet's Reader's Encyclopedia

P.G.Wodehouse bibliography
PGW Booklist FAQ by Dr. Lund. P.G.Wodehouse book list. P.G.Wodehouse - a select bibliography

P.G.Wodehouse voice in RealAudio at the BBC. Copies are here and here and here.
Wodehouse gravestone Photo by Gordon S. Yates.
Where I can purchase PGW's book On-line?
Book covers from Penguin, Vintage
Requiem For Wodehouse by P.G.Murthy
  Russian Stuff
All of Wodehouse in Russian: 1920s 1990s
Where I can purchase PGW's books in Russia
Plum's Quotations & Vocabulary
Empress at Moscow? Photo by Anya Kuzmenko.
Yet another one piglet reading the book. © HALLMARK CARDS, INC.
Interview with Natalya Trauberg, PGW translator (In Russian)
Sir Pelham, Father of Jeeves and Wooster by Natalya Trauberg (In Russian)
Dr. N.Trauberg page at Jakob Krotov's site
From Inna Bernstein, PGW translator (In Russian)
Info about P.G.Wodehouse at Ozon
E-texts of Wodehouse in Russian:
Now is here!
The Russian Wodehouse Society

Jeeves and Wooster
Jeeves and Wooster
by Granada TV

Where I can purchase the CD?
Where I can purchase the video on-line?
Where I can purchase the video in Moscow? (In Russian)

Episode Guides
The plot outlines by M.D.Bennett
a Titles, Air Dates Guide and an Episode Guide by Kim Bjarkman
Yet Another Episode Guide by Barry Prescott (need to gunzip)

Soundtrack: The World of Jeeves and Wooster

Preview: Some samples
1st Series
Episode 1: Part A Part B Part C Wholly
Episode 2: Part A Part B Part C Part D Part E Wholly
Episode 3: Part A Part B Part C Part D Part E Wholly
Episode 4: Part A Part B Part C Part D Wholly
Episode 5: Part A Part B Part C Part D Part D Wholly
Episode 6: Wholly
Episodes 7-23
To be continued. Stay tuned. Make your bookmarks NOW!

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